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The Girl in a Whirl by "Dr. Sue"
and Other Things That Women Do

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"I LOVED this amazing book!  Victoria sounds like someone who I would love to have as my next door neighbor and friend.  So down to earth, so funny, so on target with gospel principals, and such a testimony!  This book made me weep, it made me laugh and it set me to pondering my life.  Most of all, it made me want to do a better job at being a daughter of our Heavenly Father."

Judi Morris


Mesa, Arizona


“This is a book that every woman can relate to, with a message that everyone needs to hear. Victoria's writings are humorous, sensitive, and insightful, intermingled with deep, spiritual conviction. The Savior’s love is deeply felt within the pages of this book.”

 Heather Denhalter

 Layton, Utah


"Reading The Girl in Whirl is like making your way through a gift box of dark chocolates. You're having
so much fun enjoying it that you forget that it's also good for you. Delightful, witty poems with humorous art work and helpful advice make this a real treat for LDS women."

Jack Weyland

Best-selling LDS author of Charly
and numerous other LDS novels

"You've never read a book like this.  It will make you laugh out loud, give you idea after idea to jot down, and will elevate your spirit and send you on your way singing.  You'll want to share it with everyone you know, and keep it on your nightstand for a daily jolt of joy.  I wish I lived next door to Victoria Gunther!"


Joni Hilton

Best-selling LDS author of the
As the Ward Turns series and many others

"I have just had the most delightful afternoon reading this book.  I loved it so much, I began reading it to my husband.  Now he normally hates this but he actually stayed and listened because he loved it too!  Now THAT is the sign of a great book!  There are so many pearls of wisdom and simple yet important truths taught here with love and great humor.  I give it two thumbs up!  Well, my hubby loved it too, so that's FOUR thumbs up!!

 Sign me up as a huge Vickie Gunther fan.  Well, actually, I think I'm more of a groupie.  LOVE her STUFF!!!"

Merrilee Boyack 

Author of Toss the Guilt and Catch the Joy,

Strangling Your Husband Is Not an Option, and others



"Vickie has an uncanny ability to combine her delightful sense of humor with wisdom and truth.  Readers will likely see themselves throughout this book. But Vickie not only takes an amusing look at our foibles, she helps us to 'higher ground' by providing guidance from the scriptures and modern day prophets.

 Carolyn J. Rasmus

 Author of Simplify: A Guide to Caring for the Soul

"A delightful book that leaves you wanting more ... We each have had experiences with day to day tasks that leave us at times wondering if it is all worth it.  Victoria Gunther uses her personal experiences and wit to teach that it is worth it and why. There were tears and laughter as I read this book but as I came to the end I was left with the feeling that I can do it! The journey through this book is time invested in becoming a better you."

Lori Gilbertson


Taber, Alberta

So fun and inspiring!  This book was a delightful read, full of fun as well as depth. It's creative, motivating, inspiring, fun, and filled with hope. I've already quoted some of it in an email to one of my kids, and I plan to refer to the book again. The funny poetry parts were charming and effective. I loved them all but especially the "Always Follow Promptings Promptly" one. That part was one of my favorites. The author is amazing, and there is much to glean from this book for all ages.

Marilyn Larson

Redlands, CA


"Like an LDS Erma Bombeck in rhyme, Vickie cuts straight to the truth in a humorous and loving way. There are great lessons contained in her poetry! Also, 'Kid Gloves' makes me laugh so hard I *snort* every time I read it."

Whitney Larson



"I really loved this book.  I love the pictures that go so well with the stories and poems.  And the stories and poems are great.  I can see myself in them and they make me laugh.  The parts about prayer and listening to the Holy Ghost, I read at a time when I really needed to hear them. 

I will suggest this book to all the women in my Stake to get.  It is a great book.  I really could feel the Spirit as I read it.  I didn't want to put this book down once I started reading it.  Thanks,Victoria for a wonderful, terrific, great and awesome book."

 Sandra Stone

Jackson, MI


"I think Victoria is the greatest!!  The thing this book did for me is help me to look at problems from a different angle with different feelings.  I feel lighter, not so much carrying this heavy burden.  It brought humor into my thoughts and helped me lighten up!  I hope lots and lots of others read it!"


Grace Weel



" 'You can do it!'  This is one of the many messages found in Victoria Gunther's new book, The Girl in a Whirl.

As a single, full-time working Mom, I was uplifted and inspired while reading this book. LDS women everywhere need, The Girl in a Whirl to help us remember that we do not have to be perfect right now. The main thing we DO need is the gospel of Jesus Christ to help keep us on track. Victoria has given us a humorous look at life and how to laugh at the stress that inevitably keeps knocking at our door."


Sheila Windley Staley

Book Reviewer at "Why Not Because I Said So" and

member of  LDS Women's Book Review


"I know that Girl in a Whirl is primarily aimed at women, but I think guys should read it also - and I'm serious.

1) Guys who AREN'T married yet should read it to get a lot of good ideas they'll be able to use to impress their future brides.

2) Guys who ARE married should read it because they'll get a lot of good ideas that will impress their wives.

 3) ALL guys should read it to be reminded in a very fun way about what's really important."


Larry Watts

A guy


Read below for excerpts!

GO HERE to see my book!

  The Girl in a Whirl

by 'Dr. Sue'

& Other Things That Women Do!


What's the book about?

It's about being an LDS woman, family stuff,

and this & that about life. 

It's fun & funny, encouraging, and won't make you feel so overwhelmed that you just want to sit in front of the TV and watch old re-runs of Gilligan's Island until your eyes glaze over.

Best of all, it will help you feel strengthened and reassured of your ability to be a faithful follower of Christ regardless of what your circumstances are.

Would you like to see some
of what's in the book?
Okay, here are a few examples!




 O, Tell a Tale o' Jello

Marlo Mormarello,     

Hair of halo yellow,

Grates some carrot peel-o

For her family's jello.

Pineapple then follows,
Topped with mini-mellows.
any moms tell Marlo
This makes swell-o jellos. 

"Fussy little fellows
Happily will swallow
Carrots in the jello,"
Friends in Provo tell-o.

So Marlo molds the jello,

Then naps below their willow.

But soon she hears a bellow,

And pops up from her pillow.

Woeful hubby Rolo,

Sighs and says with sorrow,

"Is this carrot jello
For dessert tomorrow?"

Marlo goes to Rolo,  
And hugs her frowning fellow.
"Sweetie, please be mellow.
This is healthy jello!

Kiddos watch you, dear-o.

Eat it, and they'll follow.

You will be my hero

When our trio's tall-o."

For his darling Marlo,

He would drink Tabasco.

If she's pleased by carrot jello,

He is glad she'd ask-o.

So Rolo ate with gusto.

The kids grew up perfecto.

"That jello's been around for flippin' years now,"

He'll reflect-o.

But Marlo's jello hero Rolo

Is a happy fellow,

Since both of them still work on pleasing

One another well-o.


And whether "healthy" jello or

Some other sacrifice,

 Marriage lived this way,

Helps it be hallowed.

And that's nice.

"There are a few simple, relevant questions which each person [in the marriage] .... should honestly ask in an effort to become 'one flesh.'  First, am I able to think of the interest of my marriage and spouse first before I think of my own desires? .... Our homes should be among the most hallowed of all earthly sanctuaries. In the enriching of marriage the big things are the little things. It is a constant appreciation for each other and a thoughtful demonstration of gratitude."

(President James E. Faust,

“Enriching Your Marriage,”

Ensign, Apr 2007, 4–8)


[ It is  nice when a husband and wife both conduct their marriage this way.  I realize that I'm one incredibly blessed woman since that's what Jay and I try to do.  I also realize though, sisters, that this isn't always the current reality for many of us.  Perhaps it can still be a "star to steer by"--something to gradually work toward while considering some of the little things that President Faust talks about.  However, regardless of our circumstances, we can always decide to do what we can do.  And what we can do in any given situation might be completely different from what someone else may be able to do in their circumstances.  But I have such a testimony of the fact that the Lord does accept our efforts when we're trying to do what we can, even if it doesn't seem nearly as good as what someone else is doing!   President Faust also said, "If you have done your best, which you usually do, your humble offering, whatever it may be, will be accepted and pleasing to the Lord." ("Instruments in the Hands of God," Ensign, Nov. 2005, 115-16).

Also, maybe our earnest efforts won't immediately change some of the things we desire most at the moment.  But when we do what is right and good, regardless of the momentary outcome, we can have that sweet assurance in our hearts that we are about our Father's business, which is to live righteously and to love and bless where we can.  And something you can ABSOLUTELY COUNT ON  is the fact in one way or another, every sacrifice and righteous action you perform will be blessed by Him for your good and the good of those around you. 


That's nice, too!   Really trusting in that can help us remember that no matter what our individual situations are, we can always strive, even in simple ways, to be faithful followers of the Savior.


Oh, and about the carrot jello there--   I've heard Jay make comments so many times about how when he was growing up, he'd go to a ward social and there would be all these jello salads with CARROTS in them, which he thought was the worst thing ever!  So since my brain composes these things mostly on its own and then just sort of gives them to me, I guess it decided that it needed to write something about carrot jello!  

Personally, making carrot jello sounded like a pretty decent idea to me....]




Our neighbors are so awful that we don't know what to do!

Although we can't be certain, still, we think these things are true--

They break into our home, & then spill syrup on the rug.

They leave the milk out constantly, & break a favorite mug.

 They borrow several tools that we find later on the lawn;

Put empty boxes in the cupboard once the cereal's gone.

Then lots of things just disappear--we don't know where they went.

And unexplained possessions end up dirty, cracked or bent.

 They leave the bird cage open, & the back gate open, too;

And leave the lids off peanut butter, jelly jars and glue.

        We know we should confront them,

        But don't want our friendship wrecked.

Our kids say they're not doing this.... 


                        ....who else can we suspect??

It is soooooo true that especially in a BIG family, you somehow end up with things happening that "nobody did"!  I don't know if it's because someone isn't brave enough to tell the truth, it's easier to just say nothing, or because in the ruckus of it all, the person really doesn't realize that they're the one who actually did it!

Helping kids learn to tell the truth when it's hard is something we all probably hope to be able to instill in our children, but that's easier said than done.  John, our oldest son, was always amazingly truthful when he was growing up.  That hasn't been the case with all of our kids though, so they've probably had John's example explained a few thousand more times than they were interested in hearing.  But a main  point we make for them is this:

Honesty = trust, which = more FREEDOM

to have FUN with your FRIENDS.

This little gold nugget of wisdom was shared with us by one of our favorite mentors, the incredibly wonderful Dr. John Lund1 when we were about a third of the way through raising our family.  Wish we'd heard it sooner!  He explains that although being an individual of honesty and integrity is one of the most important building blocks of character, teenagers may not care as much about their emerging characters "in the moment," as they do about being able to have fun with their friends.  Including items which are major motivators for our kids in our discussions on honesty will help give them an immediate day-to-day reason to want to have characters of honesty.

For example, the other day, I was taking Scott and his friend Adrian home from high school.  Although Scott is  good about taking care of his schoolwork and related assignments all on his own, I happened to ask him if he was keeping up on everything in all his classes. When he answered something like, "Basically....", I asked a couple more questions and learned that he was missing two or three assignments in one of his classes.  My standard little script, talking about how "if you always attend school, turn in every single assignment, and do a quality job, you will get good grades," was already running in my head as I asked him if it was because he didn't understand the work and needed help with the assignments.  There was a pause, and then Scott answered,

"No,  I already knew everything they were talking about, so I just didn't feel like doing them."  Rather than launch into any number of potential mommy lectures and possible discussions of consequences and so on, I thankfully had the wherewithal to take a step back, and realize that I had a golden opportunity before me to reinforce the principle of honesty.  I responded to him by laughing and saying,

"Well, Scott, parents like to know that their kids are doing all their homework because it's important.  But at least you're honest about it!  And always being honest no matter what, is the thing that's going to make us be able to trust you enough to give you the freedom to go do lots of fun things with your friends."  I figured that the homework issue itself could be addressed in other ways at another time, but that this chance was too good to pass up. 

There was silence for few moments, and then Adrian burst out laughing and said, "Wow, that's the last thing I expected.  I was waiting for Scott to get killed or something!" 


"Well, yeah. But, I decided it would probably be better to do away with him later, when you weren't around to be a witness, you know?"]

 1 From How to Hug A Teenage Porcupine , by Dr. John L. Lund, a set of 4 CDs

  A Tragic Movieing Tale

Oh, belov-ed DVD,

Who hath put a scratch on thee?

Henceforth, it won't be too groovy,

Trying to watch a grooved-up movie.

Please think not my deed too brash,

If I fling thee in the trash.

[ Is there anyone with kids who hasn't had to do this?  If so, I nominate you "Queen of the Mommies" because your children must be practically perfect, and you deserve it! ]



Well, that should give you some idea of what The Girl in a Whirl by 'Dr. Sue' & Other Things That Women Do  is like.  It includes topics like: 




hamsters, snakes and other pets,

the Sabbath Day,

Halloween candy,

unmatched socks,

misunderstood Primary lessons,

being late,

guys and sports,


living prophets,

kids and food,

accidentally wearing two different shoes,

promptings of the Spirit,

being organized--or not

faithfully following Christ,

and lots more! 

It's pretty random since it's mostly about the often funny things from day-to-day life, mixed with some seriousness here and there.  And it's ALL about being an everyday LDS woman who wants to follow Christ!

See it HERE at Amazon.com!


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